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Translation is required for many different reasons: to provide clarity, reinforce safety, create connection, and support inclusion. Whatever your reason for translation services are we have created a responsive, frictionless process that keeps you informed and in control.

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We Serve a Wide Range of Industries

Our handpicked teams use cutting edge resources to enhance their first-hand knowledge of legal terminology including: specialized legal dictionaries, client provided memory banks, and universal legal terminology, producing the most precise translation of your project. We also offer back-translation to further validate the accuracy of the translated documents. When requested, a certificate of translation is available for any project at no extra charge, and we are happy to sign any confidentiality agreement deemed necessary.

We have experience serving companies in heavily regulated industries such as life science, med-tech, and medical device development. We are well versed in translating IFUs (Instructions For Use), product inserts, packaging materials, technical manuals, and user guides to keep consumers safe and to comply with federal and global regulations. Translation teams with in-depth knowledge of the medical and life-science industry ensures that your materials are both translated and localized for the target end user.

We have both the experience, and necessary state and federal certifications to provide comprehensive translation services for U.S. Government entities at a Federal, State, or Local level. Working with both the private and public sectors, NGO’s and International Government Agencies, our translation teams work to bridge language barriers and facilitate communication for access to essential information.

We are experienced in translating IFUs (Instructions For Use), product inserts, packaging materials, technical manuals, and user guides to keep consumers safe and to comply with federal and global regulations.

Whether you need a one-page standard form, discharge and medication instructions, or complex clinical trial documents, our experienced healthcare translators deliver precise, up-to-date technical knowledge to meet the needs of administration, medical staff, doctors, patients, insurance agencies, and pharmaceutical organizations. We only work with translators that have experience in healthcare to assure the highest quality and most accurate translation possible.

Messaging is the backbone of any great campaign. We offer culture-centric translation teams that have extensive experience in the marketing and advertising. Using only native speaking translators, our teams understand the specific nuances that may alter the essence of your messaging. Evoking the right emotions to convey the intended meaning is essential to motivate your target audience to action. Combining both translation and localization, your content will resonate without cultural gaps that often arise from an AI solution, or inexperienced, non-specialized translator.

Our market research linguists have extensive experience in the research process including both qualitative and quantitative research. We will work with you to craft an individualized translation plan with services including translation and overlay of web-enabled surveys, proofreading and editing, translation of open-ended responses, and desktop publishing and multimedia. We are happy to work in whatever file format best meets your needs.

We believe that every organization, regardless of size, should have affordable access to the highest quality language services. With an extensive background working in the non-profit industry, we work hard to provide effective and compassionate language services so you can focus on serving your community, donors, volunteers, and staff with the language support they need. Our non-profit clients include educational and social service organizations, advocacy groups for social or humanitarian causes, trade associations, immigration associations, civic and environmental advocacy, arts and culture, and more.