Welcome to our first post for 2022 and our opportunity to introduce you to Cypher Translations where we focus on knowledge-driven communication.  We specialize in translating the written word from one language to another.  Translation is required for many different reasons:

  • To provide clarity.
  • To reinforce safety.
  • To create connections.
  • To support inclusion.

Whatever your reason for translation services, we have created a responsive and frictionless process that keeps you informed and in control throughout the project.

Our company name is specific and intentional, which characterizes our work product as well as our interactions with our clients.  Cypher is a method of transforming context to reveal its true meaning.  We know what works – and we improve our processes continually to meet your needs.  We are flexible, fast and accurate – delivering communication solutions at competitive rates regardless of the size of the project or client.

With almost 20 years of experience, the staff at Cypher Translations specializes in translating documents for clients but more importantly creating partnerships through tailoring solutions to their business needs. Two examples of the industries we serve are the healthcare industry and organizations involved in many aspects of the immigration cycle.  First, the cost of poor translation in the healthcare community is greater than just the money spent to change from one language to another.  The cost of dear life cannot be measured nor tallied in terms of a Profit and Loss Statement or a Balance Sheet, but in the fear and anguish of those whom it affects directly.

Secondly, for those seeking refuge, everything is new, from food to living quarters, medical needs and culture.  Clear and accurate communication can help alleviate the strain of complete upheaval in the immigrants’ lives.

We want to make it easy for our clients to work with us and the process is very simple:

  1. Reach out to us for a high-level overview of our services. We’ll gather some information and determine how we can best serve your needs.
  2. We’ll talk with you about our proposed approach to solving your problem.
  3. Once you are satisfied that we agree on how to proceed, the project is finished on time, within budget and completely presented to you.

It’s time to work with Cypher Translations and have your best year yet in 2022.  Reach out now – +1 844-7CYPHER or visit our website at CypherTranslations.com.

Happy New Year!

Juan and Naomi Lara,
Cypher Translation Services

Juan and Naomi Lara of Cypher Translations